Why Zend is the best PHP Framework

Zend Framework is used to develop web applications and services. It utilizes a completely object oriented code and hence eliminating the one most critical disadvantage associated with the php. It utilizes new features provided in the latest version of PHP like of namespaces, lambda functions and late static bindings. They have recently releases the second version of their framework which essentially is an update over their earlier release Zend framework v1.

Benefits of new Zend Framework release
The new framework is the result of careful observation of version one. After that as per the requirements of the users the new bundle has been prepared. In developing the framework version two the user pattern of the first is utilised and best practises are considered for the deployment. The case is that in near future they will stop supporting the earlier version of the framework. So it is better to switch as soon as possible.

Each component of the framework is unique. It adopts and utilizes solid OOPS design principles. This means that a coder is free to code in whatever he or she may want and is rather assisted with the framework. It also supports installations like Composer and Pyrus. These installations further helps in the usefulness of the framework. Zend utilizes PHPUnit for testing its code and Travis CI for checking code integrity. While these services can be removed from the framework as they are not essential part of the offering but it is highly promoted to use them as they are completely safe and assists in the project maintenance and development.

New features in Zend Framework 2
Here is a highlight of added features in the latest version of the framework.

  • Completely rewritten developmental layers
  • Sophisticated dependency injection
  • Module development system optimized to provide you the best of the features
  • Highly compressed project management system for better development and cross cutting service portfolio deployment
  • Display of the information in any mode easily. Be it simple html or any type of live feed

Future of Zend Framework 1
Currently the earlier version of the Zend framework is completely supported and you can receive all kind of security and maintenance updates. However it should be kept in mind that in a very near future the support for this will be withdrawn to strengthen the development practise of the second generation of the framework.

Can one migrate from the earlier version?
Of course one can easily migrate from the earlier version to the latest to avail the latest services of features. There will be no functionality loss but you will receive advantages of the latest framework in engaging your audience.

One of most successful
These reasons help this framework claim the best place in all the available frameworks. Working with it very easy and convenient and there is no limitation associated with its development and deployment. And also it has an exhaustive range of support available for it.