Why Switch to PHP5?

PHP5 is the latest version of the open source coding language PHP. PHP allows coder to code very complex features with convenience and ease. It is a server side coding language and thus the code remains completely safe on the server. All the readers see is the processed page which has already been converted into HTML.

Availability of experts
Another great thing about the coding language is the availability of its coders throughout. There are no such problem that after getting your website coded by a provider you had to look for the same provider again and had to wait when he will be able to help you with any modifications and additions.

Open and free nature
Another benefit with using this language is that almost all server providers provide the processing engine for this language free of cost, whoever your provider is the chances are that the processor for this language is already installed on the server and you need not to make any additional efforts.

Why one should upgrade
Now the question arises that why one should upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5. The simple reason is that PHP5 provides a number of upgrades from its previous counterpart. There are a number of security fixes and a lot of new feature addition. Taking the example of WordPress users it has been observed that this framework runs far better on PHP5 than it does on PHP4. WordPress has even decided that it will cease its support for PHP4 soon which in fact gives an additional reason to upgrade to the newer version of PHP.

How to switch?
The first step to switch the PHP version is to check which version you are actually using on your server. After that you can manually install the latest PHP version after downloading it from the official php website. If you find that hard to do you can ask your hosting provider to do that for you. Still there may be a lot many questions that what will happen after you upgrade your PHP version.

You need not to worry about that you will have to redo your website after you upgrade your PHP version. No you will not have to. You may have to change some redundant functions but most of the part will work and will work even better.

Time consumption
The next question in mind of a lot of website or application owner is that how much time it may take to do this. Remember it is a very simple process. After upgrading it will be live almost instantaneously and you will not miss any traffic.

Although you need not to just become obsessed about insisting your provider to upgrade the PHP version on the server but you should always keep the fact in your mind that a time is sure to come when WordPress and other major websites will cease to support this version of the PHP and then you will have to switch definitely. So the sooner you upgrade the better it will be for your website and application.