Website Trends for the Year 2014

In last few years, there are quite a lot of trends in web designing that set forth the founding stones of a radical change in the way the websites are designed and approached. Year 2014 will be crucial for the businesses in terms of standing out with their websites. As websites are no more just the need of today’s business, it has become the symbol of innovation, distinction and user experience. Today nobody wants a website which is not optimized for their smart devices – tablets, smartphone of different resolution. An unappealing, low speed with bad navigation websites will be simply out of the business this year. User today need websites which are well optimized for their devices, have great images and color, opens quickly and give great user experience overall.

Simplicity is the new model being implemented for the development in websites. The process of simplification is the only tool which is used to make content accessible and understandable on the greatest possible number of devices with the best user experience. Content strategy, UI/UX, accessibility and visual design must all be directed by this new pattern. The user’s point of view and their experience of using the website and its content are eventually important. All the collaborators agree on generalization on a visual and interaction level. Traditional websites will continue to implement mobile app UI patterns correctly because they offer a more simple and well-organized user experience. Over the next few months viewers are going to observe a process of transformation for most desktop websites which will more and more reproduce the style and interfaces of mobile apps as well. This technology will combine and simplify the content and design at the same time by facilitating the formation of approachable projects. Apart from approachable designing another quick promising trend is the use of single volume color. By single quality it means using shades of blue or dark red. The latest redesigns of Mashable and The Next Web are ideal examples of how one reliable color is used to establish the entire theme of the website. In present the viewers will definitely see more websites shifting to this trend because when they use minimalistic color tones without using lots of different shades then the readers are more focused on the text and content of the site.

One huge web design trend of nowadays is parallax designing which engages the background affecting at a slower rate to the center and creating a 3D effect as the viewer scroll down the page. It can sometimes be very devastating but when it is used carefully it can provide a nice and delicate element of depth. With new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, parallax design is becoming feasible to create more advanced, attractive and amazing effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when engaged in the right way they can result in a remarkable and an excellent website.

Highly developed website technologies may be at an extra supplementary cost. The type of database, web encoding type and the use of FrontPage extensions can all affect the expenditure of website hosting. Nowadays, mobile technology is becoming trendier then the desktop world. It has a much better market as compared to the desktop ones. A regular user usually has a laptop computer, mobile phone and some kind of tablet or console and anything else which supports a browser. The inference of a browser being of a standard size and landscape etc are just off beam nowadays. Web technologies are a never ending world of inventions.