4 Good UI Design tips for your Mobile App Success

In today’s mobile world, mobile apps have become the most influential means for gaining easy access to users across the globe. Mobile apps are undoubtedly the best way to get started in a new market or expand your business. With large no. of mobile phones than pc’s, 64% of mobile phone users spend most of their time on apps. Amidst easy usability, they do not require much time to learn functionality nor require much effort to maintain usage.

For mobile app success, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are the two elements that you cannot miss. User Interface explores how an app looks and interacts with a user whereas User Experience defines the overall experience of the user when using an application. The major motive of mobile apps success is to fulfill key business objectives for generating revenues, traffic and brand building.

With over a million different apps in the market, the competition is fierce. A good UI design has a perfect balance of amazing look and interactivity with ease of use and simple navigation. A positive user interface is a crucial part of the customer experience and helps define the relationship your customers have with your brand. Therefore you have to figure out how to make your app stand out with these little tips.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) – The key to taking a good UI design to great is to keep it simple. People like simplicity and they do not like to spend an hour trying to figure out how an app works. Keep the UI design clean. It can be tempting to clutter your UI with features and make it flashy but prioritize what your user really needs. One of the best example is the incredibly successful Instagram which combined a great idea with a simple, easy to use design and intuitive functionality. Regardless of the industry there are other two apps which are doing the same thing namely XFINITY TV and Airwala apps below.

mobile app ui

2. Use icons to guide users – Incorporating imaginative icons and logos will enhance the experience of your app. People are inquisitive enough to want to explore and discover new things. Regardless of the amount of time you spend on designing an app, failure to focus on the user interface design can affect your apps credibility thus turning into less downloads and uninstallations. Make sure that the user takes all the possible journeys with few steps also at the same time loop back to the main function with just few taps not to mention these visual languages will guide users to key actions.

mobile app icons

3. Make it responsive – Responsive means a couple of things. Primarily responsive means fast. Waiting for things to load and using slow and laggy is really frustrating. Users are quickly turned off when they click on an app and have to wait ages to get it started. Seeing things load instantaneously will improve better user experience. Responsive also means the interface provides some form of feedback. The interface should respond to the user to inform them what’s happening.

4. Keep it consistent – Maintaining a consistent user interface in your mobile apps is really important as it won’t leave your user confused and complicated. If you create a list view of videos, make sure that same style is used to referring to list of videos in other places in the app. As the user explores the app, they will learn what each element means, if they are shown something different for a similar meaning somewhere else in the app then they might think it’s entirely different. Make sure that use of different faces, colors and components is limited so that users won’t have trouble recalling where the exact location is.

consistent ui design

The mobile suite delivers a native UI design and navigation for each function, as shown here for Apple and Android devices, which provides a consistent and familiar experience for each mobile user.

Wrapping it up

Give an overall enjoyable experience for the user by keeping everything simple and clean so that the user can navigate the app easily with simple use of color and typography. A good UI design hence becomes the deciding factor in your mobile application. Just don’t shake things up so much that the user get confused and go somewhere. A little goes a long way.