What Platform Should You Choose to Build your Mobile App?

The biggest challenge around is to choose platform for mobile app development. The matter of fact is that iOS and Android aren’t the only two players in this space, but certainly the two most dominant ones currently.

Deciding Factor – which platform to choose for mobile app?

Smartphone sale may vary from country to country and hence popularity of the platform as well. However if you look at the global trend Android emerges as the clear leader, with significant contributions from Samsung and its Galaxy series smartphones which helps Android move faster in the competition. With the double digit shipment volumes in millions other smartphone makers like LG, Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE too helped Android dominate the market.

Top Smartphone Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, Q2 2013 (Units in Millions)

Operating System 2Q13 Unit Shipments 2Q13 Market Share 2Q12 Unit Shipments 2Q12 Market Share Year-over-Year Change
Android 187.4 79.3% 108 69.1% 73.5%
iOS 31.2 13.2% 26 16.6% 20.0%
Windows Phone 8.7 3.7% 4.9 3.1% 77.6%
BlackBerry OS 6.8 2.9% 7.7 4.9% -11.7%
Linux 1.8 0.8% 2.8 1.8% -35.7%
Symbian 0.5 0.2% 6.5 4.2% -92.3%
Others N/A 0.0% 0.3 0.2% -100.0%
Total 236.4 100.0% 156.2 100.0% 51.3%

Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, August 7, 2013

Since the above table clearly shows that Android dominates the mobile operating system market. However it doesn’t mean that you should not create your app for iOS, it is certainly the second popular platform and growing at a fast pace too. However in keeping current market share in mind I think one should definitely start with developing mobile app for Android platform.

Being frankly, I think Android will always hold a bigger market share as compare to any other mobile operating system due to its clear strategy. Whereas Apple caters to niche market and I guess it will continue to do so. And this strategy absolutely makes sense for both companies at least at this point of time.

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