The New Enhanced Features Of iOS 11 Beta 5

Remember how you get notifications for the latest software update when Apple launches one? These notifications often tend to be pretty annoying, popping up in every few minutes to notify you that it’s time to update your iPhone again. And of course you put off updating you device for another day, but it’s pretty important that you update it. There are many different reasons why you should update the software of your device and the new features are just the starters.

Time to Update Your iOS Again

With the demand to carefully organise all the services of Apple iPhones reaching a new found height, Apple has launched yet another update that will surely systematise the apps and enhance their function. However annoying and irritating these software updates may seem, they certainly benefit the conditions of an iPhone or any other iOS device. With fantastic new features and ideologies, this software update will solve all your previous problems regarding the functioning of your Apple device. Hard to believe? Check out the special features that this amazing update brings with it

The New Features to iOS Family

As many already know, Apple had announced the imminent arrival of an awesome new software update for iOS that guaranteed to change the face of Apple devices. Well, the wait here is over as Apple has finally launched the newest update, also known as iOS 11 Beta 5. This new update with shining and brand new features promises to set new standards for the iOS technology. The features of iOS 11 Beta 5 include:

ios 11 beta 5

  • Multitasking Splash Screen: One of the main features of the iOS Beta 5 is a multitasking Splash Screen for the iPads. This new technology certainly works in the favour of iPad users who will witness two splash screens instead of one which will help them in notifying about the new multitasking systems of the iPad.

  • New Slide Animation: Now you can enjoy several multitasking benefits on your iPad with the new software update. Not only does it allow you to interact with two different applications side by side but it also allows you to use a secondary app while sliding the one you are already using.

  • iCloud Messages Delayed: One of the most significant and important changes made in the new software update is the temporary removal if the iMessages in the iCloud feature of the phone. This feature helped in backing up and maintaining a synchronization between the iMessages. However, the removal is only temporary and Apple has promised to add this feature back in the later version of the software.

  • Smart Invert No Longer Inverts Dock On Home Screen: Dock folder in an Apple device is one of the most convenient locations where you can get access to the important apps and files that you generally use. With the development of iOS 11 Beta 5, this feature has been omitted from the home screen, the ‘smart invert’ doesn’t take you to the dock of an Apple device as this feature is not present.

  • New Portrait Mode: With the help of this new feature in your phone, taking photos will not be as challenging as it was before. With an individual splash page for the portrait mode, photographers can take easy and quality photographs with the much-needed options provided in the camera app.

  • Camera Downward Facing Shots: Another one of the interesting and amazing feature added to the apple iPhone with the software update is an interesting camera level that enhances the beauty and quality of downward facing shots. With the help of this new feature, photographers can benefit the most.

  • New FaceTime Ring When Making A Call: An interesting feature that has been added to the Apple device is a new ring to notify users of a FaceTime call. This ring is more prominent and surely attracts the attention of people.

  • Updated SOS Settings Page: With an updated settings page for the SOS feature, users now have a better and more efficient way of using this emergency service while in dire situations. All you need to know is how to update your phone and you are all set.

  • Different Space For Location Apps: It is an interesting addition to the iPhone that all the apps that play a significant role in notifying about a person’s location, are not necessarily positioned under the blue banner of the status bar now.

  • Connected Computers Now Require Authentication: Security measures have been enhanced with the new software update as the device now requires authentication to view and transfer files while being connected to a computer.

  • To Conclude

    The new software update to the iOS of the apple devices has several new features, which benefit the users in different ways. There are many critical and non-critical changes made into the system that is certainly effective.

    Update your phone software to iOS 11 Beta 5 and find out the results now.