Managing Enterprise Mobility Effectively

Enterprise Mobility Management is the process focused on managing the ever increasing supply of wireless devices and mobiles in a business context. This is a novel field in business as the demand of mobile devices and application has been growing tremendously in recent years. The costs of security risks are always on the minds of the executives in an enterprise and the technology has responded with the development of a sophisticated system which is designed to reduce the labor in Information Technology which is needed to support the heavy use of mobile devices in the enterprise. Some of the key components an enterprise needs to setup an effective mobility management solution includes application development platform, enterprise mobility gateway, App Store, Enterprise Application Management, enterprise service orchestration, device testing, device management and mobility application hosting and management.

The enterprises need to setup a strategy to manage the enterprise Mobility effectively. To design a proper strategy, it is essential for the organization to relate the available mobile devices to the overall work conducted by them. They also need to determine how close the strategy will work with other wireless devices and how will it support the employees with the devices in the office workspace. At the heart of the challenges, it is the overall security, speed and user experience. The primary concern is to provide secure access to data and functions in the enterprise. Also, there are different paradigms to build application today such as the native environment, web app or the hybrid of both. This makes it difficult for the enterprise to build their own app. Therefore, Enterprise needs to build a hybrid app which will support both the environments and deploy it on a cloud-based model, thus leveraging the power of cloud as well.

As more and more applications are getting deployed on mobile devices, the risk factor of being secure is also at stake for these smart devices as also for the data and the information of the enterprise that resides on this device. The enterprises have come up with some tools and automation as a solution for this risk.

  • Device Policy Management: A defined set of rules are established to push and enforce the security of the devices that need to access enterprise information.
  • Device Configuration Settings: This allows Enterprises to define profile settings of device configurations which are associated with the user groups in the enterprise.
  • Device Data Security: This provides the capability to the mobile device to protect the data and information which is produced and stored on the device itself.
  • Compliance Management: This ensures the enforcement of device policies and monitors lost devices, unauthorized users and the rouge devices as well.

As Enterprises try to address the mobility needs for the clients with an effective strategy, they must first build a road-map rather than having a disjointed approach. Enterprise Mobility Management is the overall ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach of managing the complete mobility cycle and has become a hallmark for top performing organizations.