Is your Website Optimized for Smartphones?

With more and more people accessing internet via smartphones it is extremely important to have a well optimized and performing mobile website for your business. If a website is unable to open well on smartphones people will simply leave that site. Since accessing web resources on mobile/tablet means that the user need information quickly and hence expects fast and superior response.

Have you ever thought – What happens when a visitor try to open your website on a smartphone?

Today consumers are using their smartphones for almost everything – news, information, videos, chat, email, transaction and much more. Many companies have realized the potential of having a mobile optimized website and have already invested in it; such websites are called “Responsive Website” which means website that respond according to the device irrespective of the screen size.

Here are top 3 reasons why you need to have a well optimized responsive website for Smartphones:

1. Fastest Growing Medium
Smartphone today is the fastest growing communication channel in the history. Everyone is using this technology to its maximum. Consumers are using their smartphones for everything be it their daily use activities to managing businesses. As a result having a responsive website is extremely important for a business in order to connect better with their audience and stay at par with their competitors.

2. Better Search Engine Rankings
All major search engines and web directories rank those websites higher which have both mobile and desktop versions as compare to those who doesn’t have a mobile optimized website.

3. Consistency across Platforms
A responsive website works well on all platforms and devices and gives great experience to the user. It allow user to view the details of your products and services well and connect well with your brand.

With rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones across the world and demographics, users currently seem to prefer reading their news, email and everything else on the mobile web rather than on desktop/laptop. I think it’s inevitable that responsive design is a ‘must have’ for all the businesses and in order to stay in tuned with the market condition.