How Chatbots are Important for Your Business | Infographic

Many large organizations have implemented Chatbots in their websites, mobile apps & social media page to improve their customer services. 2017 is turning to be a year of Chatbots, 44% of U.S customers prefer Chatbots over humans for customer communication. Chatbots have started to take on real human support agents, as they consume less interaction and resolution time. Chatbots for business can be very important, as they provide a better way to communicate with customers and can resolve customer’s problem quickly as compare to live human agents. Chatbots are gaining popularity in major industries like real estate, retail, entertainment, health care, news & media, online reservation and customer service.

Chatbots for Business | An Infographic

chatbots for business

“Using AI Chatbots to communicate with customers can lead to better engagement and understanding.”

Chatbots for business is completely changing the way an organization reaches to its customer and provide support. Companies have already started investing heavily in this area, as they completely understands it importance. Though it looks quite easy to use and interact through chatbots, it is equally challenging to develop an ideal Chatbot as response and accuracy is still a challenge. This is the reason only few big organization have manage to taste some success so far. However the possibilities are unlimited and the future of Chatbots is extremely bright.

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