How to Handle Negativity on Social Media

Only five or six years ago, the popularity of social media was not on the same level as today. In those days, the Internet had a rather insignificant role when it comes to promoting and advertising businesses, but today, the situation is completely different. That is why we have decided to explore one very interesting topic, which is how to handle negativity on social media. Why we chose this topic? Well, very often, when companies advertise on social media, they receive both positive and negative comments. In fact many B2C business owners are still afraid of using social medial channels as they really don’t know what to do if they receive any negative comment. Many have even stopped using these channels after receiving negative comments or complaints about their products/services. While it is very pleasant to read good things about your business, it is also equally important to know how to cope with negative comments. As it gives you a chance to directly connect with your end customers and listen to their grievances and provide solutions rather leaving them unheard. Moreover at the same time it gives you ample opportunities to improve your products/services accordingly. Here is how you can use negativity to your advantage.

Let us first say a word or two why social media is important for businesses. Experts and business owners both agree that social media is of extreme importance for the success of businesses. Social medial help in several areas:

  • They help businesses become more visible, thus more exposed.
  • They reduce marketing expenses.
  • They surely help improve sales directly or indirectly.
  • They help gather a pool of loyal clients and fans.
  • They help making a direct connect with the customer and hence build confidence among them.

However, just like everything else in life, social media and social media marketing have two sides: positive and negative. We already learned something about the positive side of advertising businesses on social media; now let us learn more about the other side of the coin. Social media is a public environment accessible to different types of people. Negative comments, complaints and negativity in general are to be expected on social media. So, if you are faced with such an unpleasant situation, here are several techniques you can apply as a business owner to protect the reputation and the name of your company.

  • Respond to complaints: the etiquette valid for social media indicates that it is best for you to respond to complaints and negativity in public. This means that ignoring negative comments is certainly not an option, so take your time to respond even to negative comments. Write back something like “thank you for your feedback, please contact me on this email” or “what can we do to resolve the issue”.
  • Never delete negative comments: Nothing frustrates an otherwise unsatisfied customer more than seeing their comment being deleted! If you happen to get a negative comment on Facebook or Twitter, deal with it. If you delete it after thousands of other customers have seen it, you will only look ridiculous and harm the image of your business.
  • Stay polite and civilized: Another very important rule in coping with negativity on social media is to stay polite and civilized when responding to negative and even offensive comments. Always provide constructive and positive responses to this type of comments. In case you notice that some of these comments are there only to bug you or to undermine the reputation of your company, simply let it go.
  • Improve and move forward: The ultimate goal should be to improve on the suggestion/feedback given by customers and show that you do care about them and their feedback. This will only help you build confidence among them and make them more positive about your brand. As no business can run without making mistakes with their products/services, customer support etc. and everybody understands that also, so the better approach is to improve and move forward only after resolving it and not running from it.

Dealing with wide range of people is certainly not an easy task. However, being a business owner means that you need to learn to cope with negativity, both in real life and on social media, and draw the best of it. We hope that we have managed to help you learn something new and apply it in your everyday operations.