Email Marketing Campaign Tips to generate More Sales

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to increase leads for small and mid-sized companies. It is arguably one of the most profitable means of marketing which why more and more businesses are trying them. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

According to research, email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channels which include search and social.


Email Marketing Campaign Tips

1. Know your Target Audience

Your email copy will not convert if you don’t write for your audience. This is one of the most important step while preparing an email campaign. You need to think about the types of people that you’re trying to reach and how your product is exactly what they are looking for and can solve their problem.

Segmenting your email contact list results in 50% more CTR than non-segmented emails. Make sure you divide your categories such as demographics, interests and more and later think like your customer and brainstorm these questions – Who is sending me this email? What do they want me to do? How does their ask benefit me? Answer these questions for each segment and you will be speaking directly to your sales prospects.


2. Conduct A/B testing on your Email Campaign

For those who don’t know, A/B testing also called split testing is a method that helps you test a hypothesis about human behavior. In an A/B testing, people are split into two random groups. For instance, you split 50/50 into two groups (say A and B) and then two web pages are shown to these two variants at the same time. The one that gives better conversion rate, wins!

A/B testing should be tested on the following:

Subject Line: According to research by Dan Zerella of HubSpot, there are certain words that tend to increase open rates namely: posts, jobs, survey, week’s and e-newsletter. Keeping with the same report, the keywords that will get you reported as spam include: confirm, features, upgrade, magic and raffle.

email subject line ideas

Sender name:Another important aspect to test in your email campaign is the sender’s name. The most used sender name includes the actual name of a person within your company or just the company name itself. Test both to see which of the two increase your CTR.

Day of the week: Yet another influential aspect to test is the best day of the week to send your emails. MailChimp’s Email Genome Project states that more emails are sent on Tuesday and Thursday than any other day of the week. Test by sending emails on one of the other days to see if less competition for inbox space increases your open and click through rates. According to Zarella at HubSpot, doing so can drastically impact your results.

effect of the day

Time of the day: Finding the right time isn’t just the matter of getting the biggest open rates, but is also a major contributing factor to getting the highest CTR’s and conversions. According to the Email Genome Project, subscribers are most likely to open email between the hours of 2pm and 5pm whereas Zarella’s research suggests that while open rates may be highest in the afternoon, click through rates are highest in the morning around 5 -7am.

email open by time of day

That’s being said, but time factor depends on a lot of things. Test and you’ll nail the perfect time eventually.

Use Clear and Compelling CTA

The most important element of email marketing campaign is call to action. Motivating your readers by providing a compelling CTA in your email will increase your click through rates and higher conversions.

Social Sharing

Use action language: Studies have shown that readers tend to actively respond more frequently when they read more verbs such as- get, order, buy, start and sign up. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, contacting you for more information about a onetime offer or something else, always ask the reader to take further action. These words will motivate more clicks thereby increasing conversions.

3. Encourage Social Sharing in your email

When marketing your product, the primary goal of any marketer is to ensure people that you exist on other different channels as well. For this reason, it is essential to encourage social sharing in your email marketing campaigns.

According to Social Times, adding social share buttons to your email messages may increase click through rates by more than 150%. It is recommended not to use the share buttons on the landing page as it can interfere with other calls to action. A “thank you” page is a good place to put the sharing buttons as they can increase awareness in this location.


4. Create a dedicated landing page

Landing pages for your email marketing campaign are primarily to sell your customers product or service and is considered the best option that will convert the highest. Every email marketing campaign needs its own landing page on your website where readers click the link in the email message, they’ll go directly to the landing page which provides a detailed information and a way for the visitor to buy the product or a service or to register to receive more information.

Your landing page should be error- free, easy to look without too much graphics with valuable information and mobile responsive. Using a compelling call to action words such as “Sign-Up”, “Buy Now”, “Learn More” and “Join Free” will be very beneficial as these words are highly converting.


5. Opt for text over HTML email

Email services are more and more filtering emails specially the commercial ones to provide a better experience for the user such as the Gmail’s promotions tab. This promotions tab automatically filters commercial emails out of the main inbox until the user changes the settings. So, image tabs and HTML rich templates seem to be getting flagged by email providers or commercial email which means they get filtered out of the user’s main inbox making recipient unable to open it and thus reduce click through rate.

While many people prefer HTML and image based emails but in actual fact simple text based emails performs the best. Plain text emails look good on all devices and can still have a flashy call to action by providing links in bright blue color. A good text email with ample amount of whitespace (including line breaks between different content sections, headlines and CTA’s) creates a clear eye path for the subscriber as well as allows link to be easily clickable and touch friendly on mobile devices.


Email campaign is still an important marketing strategy just like any other and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and get more conversions. Pay attention to the steps above and implement it and you will be able to forge email marketing campaign with amazing results.