How to Convert Mobile Searches into Sale

Analytic tools, which make use of Big Data are designed to capture consumer behavior from multiple dimensions. It can be duly noted that with the help of these analytic tools, mobile based search is being preferred more than computer based search for finding information about local businesses.

Mobile Searches into sales

To convert a mobile search into a sale, it is important to capture the intent of the consumer, which makes it even more important for big brands to go through the pain of knowing specific KPIs and implementing strategies to increase their online-to-offline conversion.

Based on usage patterns of most mobile users globally, there are four key things that people intend to do while using their mobile, which are as follows:

  • They may see their mobile for browsing
  • They may search to know about a local business
  • They may want to buy something through an online store
  • They may be searching for something to do through How-To videos

Mobile Searches Insights

Based on the data collected by Google, 82% users consult their mobile before buying from an online marketplace and about 91% seek specialized information, such as watching tutorials on YouTube for increased efficiency, while doing other tasks. With such statistics, it is important to understand the growing need for implementing the right set of micro-moments, which can be intent, context, and immediacy in case of a consumer searching through mobile.

Which are the key factors that influence successful conversion of a mobile search into a sale? Continue reading to find out the answer to this question.

1. Ranking on First SERP

Having a strategy to rank your website on the first search engine result page will have plethora of benefits in the long run as a huge percentage of mobile users browse internet using their mobiles. The road to getting on the first page is long and difficult as everything depends on the search algorithm, which Google changes after every few weeks. However, let us look at some of the best practices that are here to stay that will help you along the way.

Choosing the Right Set of Keywords

Keywords matter and are an important aspect of your SEO strategy. The old practice of keyword stuffing is not recommended as Google maintains strict quality control practices for relevancy and there are over 200 conditions, which will determine the ranking of your web page in Google search results.

Relevant Visual Content

The recent rise in the usage of visual media is not a surprise. As per official statistics, every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. With such momentum, experts believe that this trend will not back down and it shows that people prefer visual content, which is quite simple to understand than reading articles.

2. Better Engagement and mobile optimized design for landing page

People search for random queries all the time, and websites that have relevant matter wins the battle of landing the user on its webpage. However, businesses that invests heavily in ad campaigns loose out of valuable potential customers to other websites, if their websites lack relevant matter such as Meta description and website content. To avoid this, the following tips can be used to provide a better experience for landing pages:

Relevant content

To explain this, let us take an example. Mike owns an e-commerce store that sells clothing for kids. Soon, he has competitors and he wishes to invest in an ad campaign for reaching out to more customers. His aim is to sell straight-fit jeans, but on the landing page, the content focuses on general kid clothing. Upon taking a closer look at search queries, Mike observes that customers are searching for “Kids Skinny leg jeans” and due to this, he is losing valuable customers to other websites as they are not landing on the web page, which he specifically designed for the campaign.

Through relevant content for landing pages, businesses can greatly increase their conversion rate and by giving out right user experience, the process of lead generation can greatly be improved.

Mobile Optimized Design

We live in a mobile-first world and the number of users, which are using Internet on mobile phones, is increasing gradually. This presents a huge potential as well as the need to understand the importance mobile UI design to give out a unique user experience. Here are few tips, to improve the mobile web experience for your visitors:

  • Say NO to popups and Flash videos
  • Design tap buttons for fat finger
  • Use the right dimensions for responsive template
  • If possible, prefer an app than mobile website

3. Gathering data for lead generation

Once you set foot in the advertising playground, you have to play the game by following the right set of rules. The journey to grab customer’s attention is long and strenuous, which may shake your financial condition as well. However, a simple and highly effective approach is to make the customer come to you. Here are few important tips that must be followed to improve the lead generation process for your company:

Increase Engagement

Engagement is that part of business process, where companies lose out on leads generated due to automated response. While most companies prefer an automated method to interact with people, they forget that engagement is all about personalized experience by having a person available on the other side can do wonders in generating leads.

In the world of mobile search, it is important to mention that Smartphone users do check their emails and get inspired to buy a product. Although, dropping an email is an old way, but the rise of Smartphone has rejuvenated this old approach. In addition to this, the following points should also be taken into consideration

  • Help via chat, which is available directly on company’s website
  • Replying to queries that people post on social media
  • Writes appropriate answer to questions that people post on Forums

Increase Presence

Having a profound presence on major social media platforms is as important as choosing the right social media platform for your product and services. There are more than a billion people present on social media and most use it on their mobile due to mobility and to share the moment on the go.


The above mentioned strategies will enable marketers to increase the conversion rate for the brands they are trying to promote, however, as there are several other factors that influence the conversion of mobile searches into sale as mobiles have evolved the way we live and has enabled consumers to expect more. This calls for marketers to think deeply about how they implement strategies for successful conversions through mobile searches and now is the right time to do so.