Benefits of Developing Native Mobile Apps

The world today, which is increasingly mobile and social, mobile apps are not only useful but extremely essential. Mobile App Development are typically divided in 3 categories based on its nature of development and its capabilities – Native, Web and Hybrid.

While Web apps and Hybrid apps are cross-platform and run by an emulator as they are developed using HTML5 and JavaScript, Native mobile apps are the apps developed for a specific platform using all the capabilities of that platform and it is the fastest in running time as compared to other categories of mobile apps. It can only be developed by the tools and techniques supported by the respected OS platform such as the Eclipse IDE and Java for Android and X-code and Objective-C for IOS. They can only be installed by downloading it from the application store. It can also work offline.

The features specific to Native mobile apps can be described in a single statement as it provides the best mobile experience in terms of usability and performance.

The benefits of developing a native mobile application can be briefly described as following:

  • Multi-touch: It supports double taps, multi-finger touch, pinch-spread and many other user interface gestures. Other apps usually cannot support all of these features all at once.
  • Fast Graphics API: The native platform supports the fastest graphics interface. It can be very handy if the app is using huge data and requires refresh very frequently. This can be done by using the hardware accelerator, which can be accessed only the native development environment.
  • Fluid Animation: It is related to the fast API and is used usually by the interactive games. This is especially important in highly interactive reporting, or intense transformation algorithms for optimizing images and videos.
  • Built-in Components: The features native to the device can be easily accessed by native mobile apps such as the camera, notifications, contacts as well as the calendar and encrypted storage. These are the built-in components to the underlying operating system and cannot be accessed by the web apps and hybrid apps.
  • Ease of use: It’s great and very easy to use for the end user as well. For example, it is easy to find in the app store, it fires up immediately when started, it gives the end user fast performance, simple interface while using it and whenever the app needs an update, it gives the user a notification by itself.
  • Documentation: There are many books available for learning development of mobile apps. With the launch of new blogs almost everyday, the resources and documentation will never prove to be less for a new developer. Also, there are detailed threads available on websites such as stack overflow and java-forums.

With 100’s of apps being developed and used on a regular basis and its need increasing exponentially, developing mobile apps which are user friendly such as the native mobile apps, the scope in this field is never going to become less or decrease anytime soon.

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