The Most Exciting Android Oreo Features are Out!

Great news for Android lovers! Google has just released the latest version of Android operating system called Android O where “O” stand for “Oreo”, few days back. Google made the interesting decision to reveal the name of its newest Android version and formal launch details of Android 8.0 unexpectedly with the arrival of the solar eclipse over NYC. Google has been using sugary treats for the names of its major Android versions. KitKat (4.4) was the last branded release, with Google normally sticking to generic dessert names wherever possible, the name Oreo was quite expected in a way. Those certain versions of the Google Android Operating System include the following:

  • Cupcake
  • Donut
  • Éclair
  • Froyo
  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb and many more.

Now is the turn of Oreo, also known as “O” in short form. Though it is on its way to roll out the OTA update to Pixel along with Nexus devices, but at the same time giving the best to push Oreo version only towards Android Open Source Project so that others may begin to work on their updates.

Who Can Have Gain Access To Android Oreo?

As per the announcement made by Google, devices that have successfully enrolled themselves in the Android Beta Program will receive the final version. In the meantime, people holding a compatible device may easily carry on the task of installing of Android Oreo through public beta.
Android Oreo has been recognized to be the official name of the forthcoming version of mega-popular mobile operating system by Google. Whether you install the preview of Android Oreo developer or still play cool with a highly stable Android Nougat, it is for sure that you will truly receive the update.

New Android Oreo Features

Better to have a check regarding update in the settings menu. Here are some of the newest and coolest Android Oreo features focusing two major areas that include:

  • Fluid Experiences
  • Vitals

Fluid Experiences

Fluid Experiences Android Oreo feature include the following:

  • Picture-in-picture
    This particular characteristic is all about multitasking. You may easily carry on with other activities while browsing through the inbox. Also, you may carry on with downloads while working on any particular app.
  • Autofill
    The Autofill feature is truly a remarkable feature in association with Android Oreo. If you give permission, then this feature will recall your logins. It is beneficial in terms of social media sites that include Facebook, Twitter and many more.
  • Notification dots
    It is an absolutely new feature in Android Oreo that will alert you regarding new notifications if any. Also through the procedure of swiping, they may get cleared with ease.
  • Smart Text Select
    Time is about to come to shoo away hassles of mugging up contact details as it will be performed by the app itself. The feature in association with Smart Text Select will recognize phone numbers along with address thus making it easy for you to carry on.
  • Android Instant Apps
    With the help of Android Oreo, you may straight away jump towards new apps from web browser without the requirement of installing them like earlier days.

Vitals Android Oreo features include the following:

  • Runtime
    A favorable improvement in run time has been considered to be one of the major changes under Vitals. It can be easily made out that you will be presented with best performance along with quicker booting time and faster launching of apps. It is really a bonus!
  • Google Play Protect
    Android Oreo will let you scan downloaded apps freshly to catch hold of security threats. Also, it will present developers with a bunch of newly introduced tools for easy development of compatible applications.
  • Background Limits
    Android Oreo has come to minimize activities in association with background applications that are used in a least manner.

  • Introduction Of New Android Oreo Tools

    If you are an Android app developer, you have following Android Oreo tools:

    • Highly adaptive icons
      With the help of Android Oreo, you can now easily include a full-bleed square shaped icon into your project.
    • XML fonts
      You may easily take usage of fonts available in XML layouts. Due to availability of font family, you may choose the font that you think will be better.
    • Autosizing text view
      This particular tool will automatically fill the TextView with require text, without keeping the amount of inputs into consideration.
    • Easy to download fonts and emoji
      Through downloadable fonts, as a developer you may easily load fonts from a shared provider. No need to include them into their APKs.

    Updates In Major Parts

    These were some of the salient features in association with Android Oreo. Now it is turn to go through updates in major parts of Android experience that include:

    • Google Lens
      With the ability to recognize the item that is being pointed out by the camera, the required action will be performed.
    • Google Assistant
      It will be able to interpret payment related actions along with written and spoken queries.
    • Google Photos
      Along with easy sharing of photos, you may take out a copy of the same with ease.
    • Find my device
      Lets you easy finding of device in case lost or stolen!
    • Ambient screen
      Permits viewing in large screen view.