5 Tips to Build Quality Marketing Email List

If your business is linked to and depends on an extensive online presence, then the chances are that you need a quality marketing email list. A well selected and structured email list will allow you to stay in touch with your potential clients and business partners, keep them informed about your latest products and services, help you generate qualified leads, and ultimately, customers. A good email list is the backbone of any marketing campaign. An email list should have important features like correct attributes, verified emails and targeted contacts. It should be prepared after proper research on target – revenue, geography, demography, titles and right verification – email and phone. If you have always thought that it is way too difficult to build a good marketing email list and this task has always seemed daunting to you, here are few simple, but practical tips you can apply.

When building a good and reliable email list database, there are several simple rules you need to keep in mind. Let us go through some of them.

  • The first thing you need to do before starting your list is to set the objectives and the criteria you will follow. You should also understand that it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality. You don’t need thousands of emails; all you need is couple hundred of them, but the right ones. This means that you need to be selective and think of the profile of persons and companies you want to attract. The most important thing is to build a well-targeted database containing emails of potential (the keyword is “potential”) customers.
  • The next step in building a quality marketing email list is to educate your staff about the value and the purpose of the process of email collection. You should educate and explain to your sales/marketing teams why it is important to ask clients for their emails. They need to be able to explain to your clients why your company needs their email contact details (since many of them are unwilling to provide their email at first, thinking that you are going to bother them with annoying emails). Finally, your sales and marketing team should be able to understand that they need to write down all emails accurately and precisely, since there is no use in collecting non-existing emails.
  • Take every chance you have to ask for customer’s email. Don’t wait for the clients to come to your premises to ask them for their email contact details. Instead, use all available resources that you have, such as your website, blogs, flyers, telesales, social media etc.
  • When talking about collecting customers’ emails through your website, there are several tricks and tips you can apply. Make sure that the “subscribe” form on your webpage is visible and easy to find. Make sure it is placed up and it is clearly visible and easy to fill in. It is also a good idea to place the subscription form on all pages of your website, so clients can find it easily.
  • Don’t bully the customers into giving you their email details. In addition, don’t trick them into providing you their emails. Simply, be honest and open, and of course, apply legal regulations. Instead of playing games to get your customers’ contacts, try using incentives to increase the number of people subscribing to your email list. Be innovative and use product reports, press releases, competitions and other incentives to get as many people as you can give you their emails.