5 Most Common Mistakes Companies Make With Social Media

Some of the most common mistakes companies make with social media are related to lack of knowledge. Social media is an extremely dangerous medium if not handled with care; it can break or make a brand within a very short period of time. Since social media is free, easily accessible and has mass reach, it can spread one bad or one good news in seconds and can directly impact your brand. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you can easily avoid while making a social media strategy for your brand:

1. Not having a social media strategy

Since social media is the hottest fashion in marketing, everybody think in order to start with it all they have to do is to just set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Most of the companies do not have idea what to do after that and they start posting random messages. Just like any other marketing and branding communication channel, social media too requires a well-thought out strategy in place in order to make optimum use. It should clearly define your objectives for your presence in the social media channels, what messages will be posted, who will handle the accounts and a clear cut reporting and analytics approach.

2. Gathering followers/likes rather than building a network

The only other thing people focus after creating their social media accounts is to increase their followers and likes anyhow. Some of the tactics that many marketers uses are creating fake accounts, adding unknown user to their accounts, buying Facebook likes and twitter followers etc. They forget that there are literally ‘NO’ shortcuts in social media and companies have to build relationships with their audience before they expect anything from them. Companies who follow these shortcuts have to suffer severely in the long run.

3. All efforts in one direction

Most of the people put all their efforts in Facebook and Twitter marketing and overlooked other social media marketing sites like Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube etc. Since every social media has different purpose and target audience it is advisable to have your brand presence on all the websites. Tools fall in and out of fashion all the time – remember Friendster, and more recently, MySpace? Companies that build a large equity on one tool will find themselves with nothing if the tool loses popularity.

4. Not making proper use of the resource

It takes significant amount of time to build and maintain credibility for a brand and unfortunately, it takes only one bad act to damage a company’s reputation. So with clear understanding of the tool including various pros and cons one should start or participate in a conversation. Making sure the impact of any statement should neither hurt the sentiments of the audience nor of the brand.

5. Not controlling the message

Make proper use of all Privacy and Account settings of the social media sites in order to control your message and publish in a best possible way. However at the same time one should be careful about trying not to exercise too much control over the message. Else it will end up building very limited audience for your post or message.

All in all social media is like a super car which if driven carefully can take your brand ahead very fast, but at the same time if you do not keep your eyes open on your surroundings you can lose your brand value instantly.