5 Best ways to lower CPC in Google Adwords Campaign

Pay-per-click(PPC) advertising is to a great extent driven around an interest on the best way to bring down CPC (cost-per-click) costs. The lower CPC is, the greater the chances of running successful campaigns. In order to achieve this you need to take a closer look at your adwords strategies, simply lowering your bid probably won’t do the trick.

Here are 5 top best ways to lower CPC

1. Lower your bids

lower your budget

The most basic way to lower your Adwords campaign average CPC is by lowering your bids. By lowering your bids, you give Google a lower CPC to charge for every click your campaign receives.

The most straightforward approach to begin with bids and costs is to let Google manage them. You set the maximum budget per day and Google does the rest which is great and works well in alot of situations. It is also less time consuming since you do not have to monitor bids and make adjustments. But if you want to lower the cost of a campaign then you need to switch from automatic to manual bidding.

2. Quality Score

Quality score is a grading system used by Google to regulate if your ad is eligible to be shown in the sponsored space of the search results. It determine at what position it will be shown and how much you will pay for each click.

From Google’s perspective, Quality Score matters because it helps them ensure that the ads users are seeing are relevant to their search queries. When you start creating highly targeted ads to your one keyword, then CTR will ultimately go up. This will result in high quality scores and ad ranks.

Quality score

3. Use different landing pages

Using different landing pages for your PPC campaigns can result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost per click. The goal is to create a close relationship between the ad and the content of your landing page. Relevancy of the landing page is one of the factors associated with lower CPC costs. By changing your ads to a better landing page, you will be able to increase relevancy of your ads. Therefore improve the quality score for the keywords in the ad group, thus it results lower CPC.

Also make sure that text on your landing page is highlightable so one of Google’s crawlers/spiders can crawl the text and see the relevancy between your keywords, ads and landing page.

4. Add more negative keywords

Negative keywords are an important part of any campaign because they help make sure that your ads appear only to people looking for what you offer. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for clicks that don’t bring your business. Negative keywords are wasting your budget on clicks you do not want and also they make your campaign less competitive. With the continuous addition of negative keywords your system will improve the overall health of the account narrowing.

5. Include long tail keywords

lower CPC

Long tail keywords are those low-volume, obscure, infrequently searched for keywords that turn up in your search query reports. They have low search volume that cost less & some of them perform good as well. “Canon power sheet digital camera 2MP” is an example of long tail keyword whereas “digital camera” is a short tail keyword.
It sounds a bit tricky but spending time in searching for long tail keywords can make a big difference since you will be getting conversions at a lower cost.

The five ways outlined above are indeed not the only ones that can help you lower your costs. There are other ways like reviewing your ad copy, enabling conversion tracking, using ad extensions correctly and many more that will help you lower CPC down while at the same time increasing sales. Implement these tips on your adwords campaign or hire a Paid Advertising Company to lower cpc for adwords campaign.