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Utility Mobile Applications are used on a daily basis by literally every one of us, we don’t even realize it. People use these to just get things done and move on. A mobile phone is loaded with a calculator and flashlight mobile app, but there is a more utility app to add such as measurement app, first aid app, reminder app, and barcode scanner and many more. Utility mobile apps make your mobile phone more than a just a device, as they help us in performing our day to day activities easily and effectively with real time data and performance enhancing indicators. Creating an ideal utility mobile app requires a cohesive mobile app strategy based not just on technology, but on business objectives.

Our utility mobile app developers provide a multitude of solutions for typical day to day problem. We can develop utility mobile app that can turn your customer’s mobile phone into a multi-dimensional device. We are highly capable in developing utility mobile apps with implementation of third-party API or in adding some more functions in your current Utility App. We utilize maximum smartphone functionality like device’s sensor to track various activities, turning your mobile into a universal remote for a wide variety of appliances, integration of GPS for location sharing, distance and height measurement, to do list etc. Our mobile app development teams always focus on developing the superfine, robust mobile apps and enhance the existing functionalities of the mobile app.

The percent of U.S. customers using utility mobile app is DOUBLED between 2013 and 2016.


Utility Mobile App Features

Business Utility Mobile App can facilitate communications and make business processes smoother, resulting in improved productivity and better collaboration. Here is a list of key features you should consider including in next utility app:-

  • Integrates Watch, Alarm, Diary, Calendar, Appointment and Reminder
  • Integrates Camera with Various Applications
  • Innovative Usage of Mobile Flash Light
  • Wireless Control Smart Electronic Devices like Laptop, TV and Others
  • Customized and Synchronized Uploads , Downloads and Music

We develop Utility Mobile App for

Personal Assistants
GPS-powered Guides
Multimedia Tools
Proprietary Solutions

Benefits of a Utility Mobile App

  • Increased Productivity
  • Effective Operation
  • Value Addition
  • Time Management

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