Best mobile app marketing agency

In 2017, there are 5.7 million of apps in the app store with nearly 2k mobile apps are being added daily and if you don’t have a growth plan or right distribution strategy, your app wouldn’t survive in the market. As a top Mobile app marketing agency, we use the right mix of mobile app marketing strategy to grow your mobile app business. We follow the data driven approach that consists of – app analysis, right marketing channel, media buying, in-app user behavior and campaign measurement & analysis. Cubewires is a team of experienced marketing leader, app analyst and mobile app developer, who work together to connect your mobile app to the right audience and provide valuable insight to make your app more sucessful. At the end of the day it is all about your users, if they are happy, your app will grow and get more popularity. We use the latest marketing data and tools in promoting your app in the app stores for maximum visibility. We also promote your app on various channels to increase reach and overall engagement. We continuously work on your app performance analytics to understand what is working and what is not and suggest your improvement areas accordingly.

Worldwide Mobile App revenue will increase to 188.9 billion in 2021 -statista


Previously app owner promotes their mobile app through traditional marketing channels, it’s no longer effective. The app marketing has shifted to a new phase. So making your app more successful, you have to hire a dedicated team to market your app, in order to get more user base for your mobile app.


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